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October 2014
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The Essence of Life Coaching


Life coaches understand that all persons have their own different values, and no values are wrong or right since each person’s core values can be exactly right for each of their lives. Life coaches won’t or can’t judge the clients. Instead, they will be the one who will guide the clients to look at the outside world through their eyes and according their values. In addition to that, they will help their clients to best achieve what they want in accordance with their own values. Life coaches must also hold their clients accountable according to their own personal standards.

One of the primary things that life coaches do is to help their clients discover their own core values. They have all kinds of nifty ways in order to help their clients bypass their over-analyzing conscious minds. They will cut through all that and they will let the client’s subconscious mind take over by telling them what they value most in their lives. Once the client understand their core values, they will look at how the life coaches relate it to their life, wherein a subtle value conflict can often leave the client drained and uncomfortable without the client realizing where that unusual feeling comes from.

After that primary step, more sessions will occur and most of these will run based on the certain things where the client wants to focus mainly. The life coach will then ask specific questions in order to help the clients discover the best solution for their current situation. They will even let the clients figure out some specific actions, which they can take between 2 successive sessions. The life coach will also hold the clients accountable on those.

Life coaches will also help the clients consistently take action on the entire life coaching process. It is because action is so far the quickest way in order to improve the situation.

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