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December 2014
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Life Coaching Techniques

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Being a life coach can possibly be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things that an individual in this certain field can attain. However, this can also be challenging sometimes, but the mere idea of helping someone get clear about their own goals, help them achieve these goals, and explore their own career options can surely make the job very satisfying.

Here are some things that a certain individual can learn from being a life coach:



Listening is not merely hearing what other people has to say. As a matter of fact, it is gradually related with paying attention, focusing on the body language, reading between the lines and even listening to their tone sometimes. It’s also being able to pinpoint or tell when there is something bothering them or when something happens to excite them. In addition to that, listening is also being able to identify patterns and themes throughout a conversation, being able to tell about next issues that are coming up, as well as being able to realize when certain things get off the topic and being able to bring the focus back to the conversation.

Becoming Present

Some coaches use yoga to help them become present. But according to them, coaching has definitely helped them to practice it. Coaching actually helps individuals to develop their awareness as well as remaining in present moment. If coaches are not fully present in certain situations and experiences, then they would not be able to help their clients.

Holding People to Become Accountable

One of the many key aspects of life coaching is to learn how to hold and make people accountable. Let’s say, you give your clients assignments or exercises that will aid them get clear with their own goals, which will make them responsible for thinking beyond the border. It is the job of the coach to hold their clients accountable in order to make sure that they are really doing it. Of course, an assignment or exercise is just an example and the same applies to coaching, up to showing or adhering to a certain action plan that your client created with the help of your guidance.

Ask Powerful Questions

One part of being a life coach lies on helping other people figure out clear things for themselves. As a matter of fact, this task is very easy to say but so hard to do. The common urge of coaches is to give advices to their clients and consult them with their own opinion. But you must remember that what works for someone may not work to others so you should continue learning and finding new ways that will work to different personalities of your clients.

Asking powerful questions can be very helpful. It is the job of a life coach to provide some powerful and thought provoking questions that could get the clients thinking and more motivated. As a matter of fact, powerful questions can even help the clients create action, see what particular areas they need help and guidance, as well as uncover their underlying beliefs.

Using Effective Visualization

Learning to use effective visualizations in order to help the clients throughout the entire process has been the most common act of life coaches. They even use visualization personally in order to meditate when starting their day in order to help the clients get through the process in a peaceful way. Coaches even find it very helpful since visualization helps them read the minds of their clients. Many coaches use visualization on their clients since more clients enjoy it so much that they want to keep using it in the entire life coaching process.

Visualization can really be an interesting part, knowing that using different parts of the brain can definitely help the clients in creating the type of life that they want to live.

Of course, there are many other things that you can learn when you become a life coach. That can include creating action with your clients, creating structures, and acknowledgement. However, the above mentioned things are the common ones that can occur during the experience of coaches.

The Essence of Life Coaching


Life coaches understand that all persons have their own different values, and no values are wrong or right since each person’s core values can be exactly right for each of their lives. Life coaches won’t or can’t judge the clients. Instead, they will be the one who will guide the clients to look at the outside world through their eyes and according their values. In addition to that, they will help their clients to best achieve what they want in accordance with their own values. Life coaches must also hold their clients accountable according to their own personal standards.

One of the primary things that life coaches do is to help their clients discover their own core values. They have all kinds of nifty ways in order to help their clients bypass their over-analyzing conscious minds. They will cut through all that and they will let the client’s subconscious mind take over by telling them what they value most in their lives. Once the client understand their core values, they will look at how the life coaches relate it to their life, wherein a subtle value conflict can often leave the client drained and uncomfortable without the client realizing where that unusual feeling comes from.

After that primary step, more sessions will occur and most of these will run based on the certain things where the client wants to focus mainly. The life coach will then ask specific questions in order to help the clients discover the best solution for their current situation. They will even let the clients figure out some specific actions, which they can take between 2 successive sessions. The life coach will also hold the clients accountable on those.

Life coaches will also help the clients consistently take action on the entire life coaching process. It is because action is so far the quickest way in order to improve the situation.