Tips from the Pros: How to Be Your Own Life Coach


Life coaches are people who are on a mission. They are trained to help you improve various aspects of your life, like relationships, finances, work or health. However, not many people can afford a life coach, as they can be very expensive.

Well, you can become your own life coach. You don’t necessarily have to spend money on one as long as you can be your own best friend and advisor.

Therefore, here are some tips on how to become your own life coach.

Get to know yourself

The very first thing you should do is getting to know yourself. Take some time to observe the way you behave in normal and abnormal situations. For example, try to see the way you react to sadness, anxiety, anger or other negative emotions. The way you act says a lot about yourself and makes you know what you need to improve.

This way, you can find your strengths and weaknesses, and get to work on the bad traits and improve them.

Write down your goals

According to research, writing down your goals increases the chances of achieving them. You need to analyze your mind and find out what your goals are first. Write them down, and slowly make your way towards them. Note every progress you make, as it helps you be more motivated. You can put them somewhere visible, like on a door, the bathroom mirror, or refrigerator.

Observe your relationship with others

This is another essential part of knowing yourself and becoming your own life coach. By observing your relationship with the ones surrounding you, you get to find out even more about yourself.

For instance, try to observe if you are neglecting your loved ones, intentionally or unintentionally, and why. Do you fight with your loved ones often? Are you the one provoking them or not? If yes, why are you doing this? How do you react to arguments? Are you able to compromise to make things good?

All of these are essential questions you need to ask yourself in specific situations. Fixing your problems when it comes to relationships not only makes people like you more but also makes you feel better as a person.

Find out your hobbies and plans for the future

A happy life is the one where you can do whatever you love doing. Think about what career you would like to have in the future. Do you want to have a job that you enjoy doing, or it is not important as long as you have cash? Moreover, learn to differentiate between hobbies and career goals. Just because of you like painting, playing drums or playing football, it doesn’t mean you should make a career out of these. They can remain hobbies, and you can find something else that you enjoy doing and can offer you an income as well.

However, if your hobby is all you love doing and it’s all you think about, you should consider it. Also, remember to never give up on your hobbies, as they are a way to live happily.

Be as positive as you can

Positivity makes you a better person and attracts good things. It’s a great way to achieve success. Although negative emotions are something everyone experiences at one point, you need to know how to control them. Even if bad things are happening to you, it’s better to stay positive, so you’ll be happier.

Learn to be grateful for everything that happens in your life. Also, remember to surround yourself with other positive people. Positivity only attracts more positivity, so you’ll feel great with such people. If you encounter toxic people, try to listen to their needs and be there for them. It’s not only good for them, as it makes them feel loved, but it’s also good for you as a person.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, you have to remember that you are your own friend. While there are many life coaches out there, you might be the best one, as you know yourself better. Hopefully, this little guide has shown you the way to become one.